Get To Your Destination In Minutes: Here Are 7 Fastest Trains Around The World

Published on 05/25/2022

All of us have heard of the speeds possessed by bullet trains worldwide. Japan is one of the countries that are able to make some gigantic developments in the field of travel and their rail network. There must be a specific time when the thought of knowing the fastest train in the world. Japan’s Maglev train has achieved the top speed of 602 km/h, and if we consider the global data, just a handful of them go over 200 miles per hour. In this vlog, we will discuss the top 7 trains that are the fastest around the globe. You will get to know all the details like the speed they can go up to and the region they operate in. Apart from this, we will also discuss the details related to the production like the manufacturing company, number of coaches, and more. Comparing the ones from the era when the term ‘train’ portrayed a completely different picture, we have come a long way. Nou, let’s dive right into the blo without any further adieug.

Get To Your Destination In Minutes Here Are 7 Fastest Trains Around The World

Get To Your Destination In Minutes. Here Are 7 Fastest Trains Around The World


Korail KTX, S Korea

The powerful machine was developed and built by Hyundai, and it has been running on the South Korean tracks since 2009. The train goes all the way up to a speed of 205 miles/hour, and if you are visiting the country, the chances are pretty high that you will spot it at some point. The Korail KTX is given the paint job of blue and white colors. The citizens love to get across the country on this beast of a train that offers two classes; first-class and standard class. The train runs on a variable number of coaches with rotating seats onboard from 8 to 16.

Talgo 350, Spain

Covering the stretch of Barcelona and Madrid, the train runs at the top speed of 217 miles/hour. This lightning speed can easily be spotted running the tracks of Spain. The design of the train is quite unique, and locally, it has the nickname ‘pato.’ It translates to ‘duck’ and it’ssincet it has a nose that highly resembles a duck’s beak. Patentes Talgo manufactures the train, and it has been operational since 2005.

AGV Italo, Italy

The fact that it can go up to 223 miles/hour, it got the nickname Ferrari of the tracks. The reason behind this name is not just the plum color scheme but also the speed that these machines can achieve. It is also the fastest train on the continent, and the manufacturer behind this is Alstom AGV.

Harmony CRH 380A

The fastest trains around the globe have not been anywhere else but China. The Harmony CRH 380A runs at the top speed of 236 miles/hour, and China South Locomotive manufactures the machine in collaboration with Rolling Stock Corp. Ltd. There are various routes that it covers, and it runs with a variable number of compartments from 8 to 16.

Fuxing Hao CR400AF/BF

Moving further ahead in terms of speed, the Fuxing Hao train goes up to a top speed of 249 miles/hour. The train covers the route between Beijing and Shanghai, carrying up to 550 passengers. The train has been operational since 2016, and there are two variants; AF & BF. There are few changes between the two.

Fuxing Hao CR400AF BF

Fuxing Hao CR400AF BF

Shanghai Maglev

The world’s fastest train medal no longer remains with Japan. It’s almost a decade since Chyna took it over. The Shanghai Maglev attains the top speed of 267 miles/hour. The train runs on magnetic levitation, which is why most people don’t consider it a real train. It floats on the magnetic lines with no wheels, and it can cover a distance of 19 miles in a mere 8 minutes.