Why You Should Drink Your Veggies and Eat Your Fruits

Published on 04/26/2020

The modern diet is stuffed with all manner of refined sugars and processed meats. With all the super yummy (but super unhealthy) snacks and junk food floating around, many of us sadly neglect the truly delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables at hand.
With the current coronavirus rampaging around the world, now is the time for us all to boost our immune systems as best as possible. This is can be easily done by eating a full range of fruits and vegetables, which are so much tastier than you may have previously thought! Let’s begin with everyone’s favorite food, vegetables.

Why You Should Drink Your Veggies And Eat Your Fruits

Why You Should Drink Your Veggies And Eat Your Fruits


Don’t Eat Your Vegetables, Drink Them!

The modern person is sadly spoiled by the amount of artificial tastiness crammed into junk food. To many people, the otherwise incredible flavors of vegetables now taste terrible, meaning that less people are eating them!
How does one then happily include this essential food group (and no, the lettuce in your burger does not count)? You could try juicing them! Let’s take celery as a phenomenal example. Juicing this crunchy green stalk has become a massive fad – and for good reason!
Juicing celery (as opposed to eating it) allows your body to absorb its phenomenal anti-inflammatory properties far better. Making a plain juice out of just celery is the healthiest, but you can add apples, kale, spinach and cilantro to separate juices for a more varied experience.

Struggling to Limit Your Calorie Intake?

We all know that eating far too many calories causes us to gain weight. What many of us don’t know about, however, are the foods that contain the perfect caloric content needed to get us going without putting on flab.
Let’s start with apples. These perfectly crisp and sweet fruits are completely nutritious. It really comes as no surprise that this fruit is one of America’s favorites, especially considering that a single cup’s worth contains just 57 calories, as well as 3 grams of dietary fiber.
Then we have the vegetable arugula, which has a spicy and pepper-like taste. It goes amazingly into the salad, being crammed with vitamin K, calcium, folate and potassium. Just a single cup of the leafy veg contains only 6 calories!
The point here is that fruit and veg are superbly energizing and healthy, bringing minimal calories which are mostly burned up by the body during digestion, anyway! Speaking of calories, let’s turn our attention to sugar intake.

Sugary Fruits – Are they Healthy?

There is this rather confusing conundrum in the quest to be healthy. We are told that sugar is bad for us, but we should eat more fruit, which contains a lot of sugar! It’s time to finally clear the air. Basically, every kind of sugar – be it in a strawberry, or a strawberry-flavored soft drink – will provide the same level of calories.
The trick is to avoid eating an abundance of “free sugars”, as opposed to the organically present sugar found in fruit. The kind of sugar which we find in fruit is natural, made up of a combination of glucose, sucrose and fructose.
The amounts of fructose we get from fruit simply cannot become unhealthy, as we are physically unable to munch that many apples and oranges. Free sugars are also made from glucose, sucrose and fructose, they just contain a crazy amount.

Lose Weight Fast with Grapefruits

The bitter grapefruit contains an incredible amount of minerals and vitamins, but the reason why it is a favorite among diet experts is due to its insane fat-busting qualities. This is due to the fruit’s insulin level lowering properties, as well as lessening our bodies’ insulin resistance. Grapefruits also significantly lower our cholesterol levels.