Hold Your Horses And Breathe! Try These Therapeutic Tips To Stay Calm

Published on 04/26/2020

If isolation is starting to get to you, or you are finding the state of the world under the shadow of the coronavirus particularly gloomy, no one will blame you for feeling a little bit anxious during these intense times.
There are plenty of ways to return to your calm and happy place, however. We have researched and compiled some of the simplest yet most effective calming exercises and activities that you can easily do at home.

Hold Your Horses And Breathe Try These Therapeutic Tips To Stay Calm

Hold Your Horses And Breathe Try These Therapeutic Tips To Stay Calm

Keep Drinking Water

The last thing that you might think of doing when you are upset is to drink a big glass of water. Ironically, a lack of fluids might just be causing your strife. Many of us living under lockdown are not drinking enough water. This means that our organs and brain are not enjoying the right hydration needed to function properly.
In this case, your anxiety might be your brain’s way of alerting you towards quenching its thirst! So, stick to the doctor’s orders of eight glasses of water a day and you might just see your mood improve fantastically.

Getting to Grips with Breathing Exercises

The only thing more essential than maintaining proper hydration is learning how to breathe properly. Again, you might not appreciate being told how to do something as basic as breathing correctly. What you may not realize if you are suffering from anxiety, however, is that your breathing has become troubled.
Anxiety causes us to begin inhaling into our upper lungs with small, quick breaths, rather than into our lower lungs with the usual slow and deep breaths. Your brain is then not receiving its usual amount of oxygen, causing panic to worsen.
Now, this will take some practice, but reversing this process starts with realizing how quick and sharp your breath has become before slowing it right down. The next step is as simple as imagining that you are filling your stomach with air by sending your breaths deep down into your lower lungs.

Getting To Grips With Breathing Exercises

Getting To Grips With Breathing Exercises

Get Therapeutic with Essential Oils

You’ve probably heard of essential oils, which may be hugely popular with your friends and certain family members. These are incredibly fragrant and soothing oils made from various medicinal herbs, flowers and other plants.
You can start by purchasing a bottle of lavender essential oils, being widely regarded as one of the most effective types for stress and anxiety reduction. Applying a few drops or sprays of lavender oil to your pillow before sleeping will ensure that you fall into a deep and restless slumber.
Cedarwood oil is another fantastic essential oil for calming the mind and body. Eucalyptus oil is excellent for getting a quick energy boost, as well as being a great relief for the common cold. Being stuck at home is ironically very exhausting and demotivating. Go for cinnamon oil if you desperately need a source of inspiration that isn’t coffee!

Get your Blood Pumping!

Isolation not only causes us to develop cabin fever, but many of us are also currently suffering from couchlock too! It can take a bit of self-motivation but kicking yourself into exercise gear is the single best way to shake off excess stress. It’s time to shift your body and mind back into a healthy and productive state.
We aren’t telling you to start lifting weights or running up and down the stairs (unless you’re into that kind of thing). You can start with light and soothing exercises like yoga before moving onto more intense activities like strength training and aerobics.