Décor Tips To Convert House Into Rustic And Country

Published on 07/20/2020

Rustic country décor isn’t actually an unfamiliar concept to people. The difficulty lies in having a complete definition of the term. There are different varieties of rustic country décor used for combining multiple design styles. As a result, these combinations have made it difficult to identify what is rustic and what isn’t.
Planning to convert your house into a rustic country style? This article will guide you on the steps to help you get started with living in your rustic country home.

Decor Tips To Convert House Into Rustic And Country

Decor Tips To Convert House Into Rustic And Country

What Is A Rustic Country Décor?

Rustic country décor in its entirety is a very general style so that there are many variations of style to choose from. This décor is characteristically defined based on materials, fabric, colors, and textures. Although these characteristics can be stand-alone, combining these traits is what makes the rustic country décor style.

Natural Materials and Fabrics

Rustic country décor is known for its nature-like style. The fabric and materials used for decoration set the stage to achieve that aesthetic. This style combines pieces made of wood, metal, burlap, or other natural feeling materials. Choose a material or fabric that is found in natural or mimics Mother Nature.
To convert your house into rustic country, choose wooden wall hangings, galvanized metal table decorations, patchwork beddings and pillows, and burlap table linens.

Faded And Weathered Accent Pieces

Rustic country decors are rough around the edges but strategically manicured at the same time. This style is best known for its distressed appearance through galvanized metal accents and a multitude of wooden decorations. It can be natural brown, painted white, or a bevy of warm colors. This will create an antique and old-fashioned appearance but can also give your home a modern look if styled a certain way.
To give your home its rustic country look, consider adding lampshades and candle holders. Wall hangings and tabletop accessories can also help add a rustic country effect to your home.

Solid, Neutral, And Warm-Toned Colors

Aside from its natural and tarnished appearance, rustic country décor also applies a solid, neutral, and warm-toned color palette. Using warm colors gives a comforting feeling to your home while minimal patterns adds simplicity and natural appearance. Red, brown, and beige are the colors of choices.
Natural wood colors provide a traditional and classic look to rustic country décor. However, you can add more color if you want. With rustic style, you don’t have to sacrifice your personal taste. Warm versions of cool colors such as dark faded blue can still be integrated to your rustic country décor.

Variations Of Rustic Country Décor

In general, rustic country décor incorporates the same material and color scheme. However, there are different styles of rustic décor that be combined into different themes. You can always customize and combine it with other decorating styles, depending on the exact look you want to achieve.

Variations Of Rustic Country Decor

Variations Of Rustic Country Decor

Cabin Style Décor

Cabin style rustic country theme integrates animal decors such as bears and deer combined with the natural brown and beige color scheme. This style creates a warm and cozy feeling to make it feel like you are in the middle of the woods even if you live in the suburbs.

Vintage Style Décor

In vintage style, the purpose is to create a warm and welcoming feeling. You can combine traditional decors like stars, heats, and checkered patterns with galvanized metal planters, wall hangings, and accent pieces. Top it off with decorations like burlap and bows to enhance the country’s look.

Modern Style Décor

Although the rustic country décor style utilizes antique and faded materials. You can add a modern touch using simple designs as well as contrasting colors of black and white. These elements offer a toned-down look to give your home a small gleam of character. Small furniture can also provide a modern rustic country theme to your home.