Perfect Studio Apartment Layouts That Work

Published on 07/12/2020

Trying to find creative ways to maximize your studio apartment? It can be very challenging to give the illusion that your apartment is divided into multiple spaces or rooms, but with a bit of imagination and some rearranging, you can definitely make it work to your advantage!

Perfect Studio Apartment Layouts That Work

Perfect Studio Apartment Layouts That Work

Divide Your Apartment

Give off the impression that you have a bigger than reality apartment by dividing living areas. A common issue is deciding how much space should be dedicated to what area. To help you make that decision, think about what matters to your first. If you enjoy having friends over while you binge-watch the latest episode of your favorite series, then you might have to sacrifice a bit off your sleeping quarters and dining area.

Make a Boutique Hotel Style Room

If you’re one of those “always on the go” type of person and your apartment is simply a place where you sleep and freshen up, design it like it’s a boutique hotel room. Place everything within steps of your bed, which should be the star of the room.

Midcentury Furnitures

Tap your inner Mad Men and scour flea markets for mid-century furniture. These geometric-shaped pieces seem to make rooms expand because of their low height. Since they are closer to the ground, the ceiling and window appear to be much taller than they really are.

Lofty Aspirations

Your goal of maximizing precious apartment space is closer to reality than you think when you have a room that has a high ceiling. You can turn your apartment into a loft and have your sleeping area placed above.

Lofty Aspirations

Lofty Aspirations

Use Your Sofa as a Bed

Your bed can double up as a sofa or vice versa when you need space for a living room. This is a smart and awesome design idea when space is very limited. All you need to do is place cushions on your bed when you want it to function as a sofa. Take them off and it turns into a bed.

Double Duty Furniture

Opt for pieces that can be moved and manipulated when the need arises. For example, a modular sofa can turn a living room into a dining area, or an expandable coffee table can be used as a dinner table. Have a Murphy bed installed so it can be pushed back to the wall when you are in need of some foot area.

Don’t Waste Space

Take advantage of every corner, nook, and cranny of your apartment. Never let any of it go to waste. For instance, place a bed in the innermost corner of the room. Use a wall to your advantage and place a mirror to give the effect of a wider room.

Place Furniture at the Foot of the Bed

Whether it’s a couch or a desk, placing furniture by the foot of the bed can help create a division between sleeping quarters and living areas. It may not physically look like a partition, but you are psychologically making separate spaces in your apartment.

Low Ceiling? No Problem!

Sometimes designing can be a bit of a challenge when you’re working with a space that has a low ceiling. The trick is to simply use the right furniture. Go for pieces that are low in height and leggy. Open bottom areas make the floor appear bright and open, while the low stature helps the room look taller.

Curtains, Curtains, Curtains

Create needed personal space by installing curtains by your bed. It is a simple and easy way to create a partition when privacy is of utmost importance.