Party Planet – A List Of The World’s Must Attend Festivals

Published on 04/26/2020

From entering unimaginably inspired worlds, to losing yourself to the beat of exotic music, the world’s leading festivals cater to every kind of soul imaginable. Whether you want to reinvent yourself alongside likeminded free birds, or are passionate about arthouse and world cinema, this list of major global festivals is going to blow your mind.

Party Planet A List Of The Worlds Must Attend Festivals

Party Planet A List Of The Worlds Must Attend Festivals

Burning Man

Being one of the most unique and surreal events on earth, Burning Man is an annual mass gathering at the Nevada Black Rock Desert like no other. Here, thousands of radically imaginative individuals collect to create a sustainable city of sorts, known as “Black Rock City”.
This is a festival where you can leave behind all your societal demands and roles and truly transform yourself into whatever you want, so long as it is environmentally friendly and uplifting. You can expect all manner of spectacular sculptures and installations, groovy music sets and a crazy host of colorful characters in zany costumes.


Starting in 1999 in Indio, California, Coachella has developed to become one of the most alluring and well-established music festivals in the world. Generally spanning across two weekends throughout April of every year, Coachella is like Burning Man in its eclectic offerings of music and art.
The major difference between the two being that Coachella is a far more luxurious experience, as attendees can “glamp” at the venue in some very luxurious accommodations. Coachella attracts a myriad of top celebrities and artists, such as Kendall Jenner, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto.


Universally regarded as being the pinnacle of “Volksfest” (meaning beer festival), the Munich-based German culture festival offers so much more than just oceans’ worth of refreshingly delicious beer for visitors.
This essential celebration of Bavarian culture has exploded over the decades to become the kind of festival which attracts millions of people. Its countless revelers make the most out of its sixteen to eighteen days of festivities by drinking gallons of delicious German beer, gorging on mouthwatering Bavarian treats and dancing to some of Europe’s best musical acts.



Cartagena Film Festival

This South American celebration of Colombian television series and Latin American cinema in general is the perfect place for movie fanatics around the world. Having been established by director Victor Nieto in 1959, the festival has consistently upheld and promoted South American cinema and culture in general.
The festival isn’t just about South American movies and television, however, being a cultural center for world cinema as well. The Cartagena Film Festival truly is a moviegoer’s mecca. Last year’s main features included Waiting for the Barbarians, Les Misérables and Honeyland.

The Carnival of Santa Cruz De Tenerife

Every February, the streets of the Spanish Canary Islands’ capital city, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, are transformed into one of the most sensational carnivals imaginable. Enjoying the runner up position as the world’s most popular and recognized carnival behind Rio de Janeiro’s event, this phenomenal festival spans a fortnight.
You will be simply dazed at the number of magnificent dancers and musicians combining to create some of Europe’s most entertaining and detailed parades.

Mardi Gras

Around two weeks prior to the Christian festival of Shrove Tuesday, the American state of Louisiana erupts into a vibrant parade wonderland. The city of New Orleans is famous for this lively festival, where colorful parades and leading jazz bands explode out onto the streets.
This festival is a true feast for the senses. Go wild at the various social clubs, where you can feast on “Southern Hospitality” while bopping to the cultural epicenter’s best musical acts. There are dozens of diverse parades to take part in as well, each proudly celebrating its richly historical theme.