The Ultimate Summer Spots to Check Out in Europe this Year

Published on 04/26/2020

Summer is coming up in Europe and there are countless gorgeous and exhilarating locations for you and your significant other to lose yourselves in! With so many fabulous cities to choose from, you might be at a loss as to which experience will leave you with the most wonderful memories.
We have put together some of our favorite European cities for you to choose from. While you may know a fair amount of each one, just why they make for such fantastic holiday destinations might be news to you.

The Ultimate Summer Spots To Check Out In Europe This Year

The Ultimate Summer Spots To Check Out In Europe This Year

Portugal – Lisbon

Lisbon is one of those cities which is sadly often overlooked in favor of more popular European destinations, which is a crying shame. With a population of just over 500,000 people, Lisbon provides a completely vibrant and colorful experience without being spoiled by overcrowding.
Lisbon is also a very affordable city to make the most out of, with its night clubs, restaurants and shopping districts all granting you entry for very fair prices. If you consider yourself a foodie, then Lisbon is the perfect opportunity to indulge in Portugal’s world-famous spicy seafood and poultry dishes.

Ibiza – Spain

This island situated just off the coast of mainland Spain is universally recognized as one of the leading party capitals of the world. This location is not, however, solely reserved for clubbing maniacs, as it boasts some phenomenally splendid beaches as well.
Summer brings in throngs of party fanatics from all over the world for some of the most epic parties and events within Europe as a whole. If the nightlife gets a bit much for you, however, a short ferry ride will transport you to the stunning and tranquil island of Formentera.

Ibiza Spain

Ibiza Spain

Prague – Czech Republic

The relatively tiny city of Prague offers a level of jaw-dropping architecture which can be easily explored on foot. This will allow you to save money for shopping and dining while properly immersing yourself in this surreally historical city.
If long walks aren’t your thing, then the city’s very affordable public transportation system is ideal for getting around. Prague’s architecture is amazingly diverse, with so many glorious styles combining over the centuries to produce one of the most unique cities in the whole of Europe.
These movements range from baroque and gothic to Cubism and Art Nouveau. The Old Town Square makes for essential touring, with its medieval design and cobblestones transporting one hundred of years back in time.

Georgia – Tbilisi

Moving on to our next Eastern European destination, Tbilisi is especially well regarded by gourmands around the world. Georgian cuisine includes some of the most wholesome and feel-good dishes in the whole of Europe.
Tbilisi is also ideal for history boffins, with epic buildings like the Narikala fortress providing visitors with a perfect insight into military history. Walking down its cobblestoned streets, surrounded by buildings that range from charming to majestic, really makes one feel like they are in a massive museum.
Nature enthusiasts are also more than welcome, with Vake Park being one of the most fantastical parks in Eastern Europe. Lose yourself in this splendid fusion of man-made sculptures and water features, all nestled in a sprawling forest.

Germany – Berlin

Berlin is the kind of city which even after years of exploration still somehow manages to provide something innovative and inspiring for the intrepid traveler. The German capital is simply overloaded with some of Europe’s finest architecture, cuisine and culture in general.
Epic sights like the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Cathedral are not just monumental testaments to human achievements, they have also survived some of the most turbulent yet fascinating periods in European history.