Plan Your Next Island Vacation for the Summer

Published on 04/26/2020

The island life is simply heavenly when you consider the eternal sunshine, rolling waves and white sands. While an island vacation is many people’s notion of the ideal getaway, it sadly seems like an inaccessible escape for these dreamers.
The perfect island escape is closer at hand than many may realize and quite affordable if you plan correctly. We’re going to help you steal away to your fantasy island holiday with the following world-favorites!

Plan Your Next Island Vacation For The Summer

Plan Your Next Island Vacation For The Summer


We begin with the iconic island paradise of Hawaii. When most people think of a tropical utopia, they imagine the infinitely splendid sands of this American state’s beaches. Waikiki on Oahu island is widely considered to be the pinnacle of Hawaiian beach experience, but there are so many other less populated waves for you to dive into!
Hawaii doesn’t just have jaw-dropping beaches, its waterfalls also need to be seen to be believed. So many of its countless annual visitors make a point of hiking up to these glorious waterfall sights. The cascades of Maui make for mandatory appreciation!
Hawaii is also home to the planet’s most eruptive volcano called Kilauea, as well as some of the largest dormant volcanoes. There are few sights more spectacular than an exploding volcano shaking the earth with the full might of nature’s power!

The Caribbean

Only a truly magnificent contender can follow Hawaii as an island vacation, which is why the Caribbean is next on our list. Discover one of the warmest and most accommodating cultures spread out over a series of breathtaking islands.
What makes the Caribbean one of the most attractive island holiday destinations is how affordable the whole experience is, from flights to accommodation to dining and shopping. You can easily achieve your island paradise dreams with a completely feasible travel package.
The best time to visit the Caribbean is during February when the nation swings into its vibrant Carnival season. The Caribbean also offers an exhilarating series of fun family activities, like snorkeling and diving through its resplendent reefs and fishing adventures.

Sri Lanka

Moving to the East, we land in Sri Lanka, an islander nation that has recently emerged into the tourism limelight. This is due to the myriad of luxury hotels and beachside resorts that have taken advantage of its unmatched weather and geographical magnificence.
Sri Lanka might not be as favored by surfers as Hawaii is, but it still attracts hordes of big wave junkies every summer. Sri Lanka is perfect for surfers due to its world-class conditions coupled with its uncrowded beaches.
Yoga enthusiasts will find an unparalleled level of invigoration while stretching out on Sri Lanka’s majestic mountainsides. To top it all off, Sri Lanka has the kind of cuisine which is to die for. Think of Indian curries, only milder, including an abundance of mouthwatering seafood choices.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka


If a tranquil and therapeutic escape from your hectic lifestyle is what you have been desperate for, then the white beaches and turquoise waters of Maldives is your next destination. Picture a collection of stilted villas looming over perfectly still and clear waters.
The Maldives is known as the “Manhattan of the Indian Ocean” for good reason. This metropolitan collection of over one thousand islands makes for a perfect juxtaposition of modern living and classic relaxation.


Bali is the kind of island that cannot truly be appreciated without multiple visits. This Southeast Asian gem brings one of the most titillating blends of diverse culture, cuisine and natural splendor available anywhere in the world.
You should truly make a point of eating at as many different spots as possible while visiting Bali to get a proper grasp of why this country’s cuisine is in such high demand across the world.